mardi 15 janvier 2013

[Typology] Hand Lettering, Sean McCabe

"I have a passion for hand lettering and typography as well as a love for meticulous detail that emanates from everything I create. My work expresses an attentive eye for precision, balance and composition, and uses subtle intricacies to produce smart cohesion.

I create lasting impressions with custom appeal."

Sean McCabe

"In the age of Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram and Reddit, the etiquette of attribution is becoming alarmingly less and less common. Reposting and “borrowing” without permission may seem harmless when everyone on the internet appears to be doing it, but it flirts dangerously with illegal practices that can infringe on others’ copyright [...]"

"Copying is not always bad. We all start by copying. It’s how we learn. It’s how we learned language and how to speak, it’s how we learned to draw, and it’s how we learn to make letters. There’s nothing wrong with copying to learn [...]"